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with Tashanda Giles-Jones and Featuring Guest Experts in Regeneration, Gardening, Policy, and More



Kiss the Ground's Introduction to Regenerative Gardening was created to show everyone, everywhere, that they can be a gardener. Designed with all levels in mind, the course begins with the history of gardening and then takes students from understanding their soil and what to plant, through troubleshooting potential issues, and finally to harvesting. “Introduction to Regenerative Gardening” includes not only Tashanda Giles-Jones, the course designer and teacher, but also many other community leaders and guests with expertise in gardening, composting, regeneration, policy, and more. Our goal is to provide students with the knowledge and tools they need to confidently - and regeneratively! - begin or continue their gardening journey. This 8-module course includes lectures, demonstrations, panels and interviews with industry leaders and experts, a curated list of readings and resources, and a monthly webinar for graduates.

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What is Introduction to Regenerative Gardening?


The practice of gardening is a story of human ingenuity and connection to the land. The cultural techniques passed down from generation to generation can be witnessed in seed swaps, seed saving, and the sharing of triumphant successes and dismal failures associated with growing food or flowers. In this course, take part in a beginner’s gardening journey to learn the basic skills, tools, practices, and knowledge required to grow in any space, container, or climate. All levels are welcome.


What you'll get:

  • An 8-module program packed with content including lectures, demonstrations, interviews, expert panels, challenges, homework, and curated lists of further resources + recommendations.
  • Access to a worldwide  community of like-minded and inspired gardeners from all over the world.
  • Monthly webinars to connect with the KTG team, your fellow soil advocates, and experts
  • Lifetime access to all course content and Kiss the Ground's Resource Library

This Course Has Two Enrollment Options 

Introduction to Regenerative Gardening



  • Lifetime access to 8 course modules filled with recorded video learning sessions, accessible at your own pace
  • Access to an exclusive community for peer-to-peer interaction and support
  • Access to graduate resources

Introduction to Regenerative Gardening Payment Plan



  • Lifetime access to 8 course modules filled with recorded video learning sessions, accessible at your own pace
  • Access to an exclusive community for peer-to-peer interaction and support
  • Access to graduate resources




Guest Lecturers and Interviewees

We are so honored to bring you this course in collaboration of people across the regenerative landscape. The following experts are present throughout the course as guest lecturers and/or interviewees.

Keira Adams

Temu Asyr Bey

Kourtnii Brown

Don Smith

Rachel Black

Brie Wakeland

Eddie Cortez

Dana Swarth

Kathleen Blakistone

Tashanda Giles- Jones

Tashanda is an environmental educator cultivating a network of like-minded individuals, organizations, and activists eager to support the learning and growth of urban youth in Los Angeles, California.

To date, Tashanda is applying innovative, relative place-based, project- and action-focused environmental education at Environmental Charter Middle School Inglewood as a Green Ambassadors Teacher.

She develops lessons that teach the importance of and processes necessary to create environmental and human impact. Lessons that are adapted for her student population provide engaging learning activities through garden-based education. Her continuous and relentless drive for ways to provide sustainable and regenerative skills for communities that are often left behind - uninformed about local mandates, regulations, and accessibility - has fueled her passion for teaching environmental issues and sustainable solutions.

Soil, and the plant-microbe symbiotic relationship that makes it grow, is the essence of life on land. Of all the food that we eat, 95% is from the soil! Without healthy soil, we have dust, desert, lack of water, and none of the hydrated landscapes that make life as we know it possible. Healthy soil is the reason that our land can be abundant with life, the reason that water can be absorbed and retained for plants to grow, that small organisms become food for larger organisms, why things can be decomposed and recomposed, the reason that springs flow, the reason plants can absorb nutrients. The problem? We’re running out of topsoil. Working with nature to rebuild soil is crucial to solving the climate, water, and food crises.

Regenerative Gardening puts an emphasis on soil health - making the priority of your garden on improving the soil by using different regenerative techniques. By increasing your soil health, this allows your garden to thrive in many ways on its own with water and pest management. 


Using these practices also gives you the opportunity to deepen your connection with the land, building your knowledge of soil health and working together with different species to build your regenerative garden. 

Regenerative Agriculture Is the Solution.

For over 10,000 years, agriculture has been causing degradation to land in most parts of the world. While there are exceptions, such as where certain indigenous cultures cultivated the land in ways that actually increased the abundance of life and biomass, most records indicate that farming has degenerated land. 

Based on ancient knowledge, pioneering holistic planning, and cutting-edge science, regenerative agriculture is proving that humanity has a serious solution to climate change and desertification. The great news for us is that the problem of too much carbon (in CO2) in the atmosphere is also the solution - it is what we use to rebuild the soil!

Course Modules


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Our journey to regeneration began first and foremost with community. The idea for Kiss the Ground was born in our cofounder's living room, where various people with different skills - all united in their passion for this movement - met every Monday to try to problem solve. We understand the power of coming together. 


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“Let the beauty we love be what we do.

There are hundreds of ways to kneel and kiss the ground.”

― Rumi

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